Yonex Astrox FB Badminton Racket

Yonex Astrox FB Badminton Racket
Categories: Varumärken, Reydon
Brand: Reydon
Size: MISC
44.96 GBP 49.95 GBP
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Yonex Astrox FB Badminton Racket

The medium flex brings it into the range of an awful lot of club players, as does the incredibly good value.

The 6U weight (70 - 74g) adds a new dimension to the range with outstanding manoeuvrability and speed. The low weight also makes it ideal for young players moving onto their first full-sized racket.

When a racket is this light, it needs a bit of weight to maintain power from the back of the court. The light weight provides speed from all areas of the court while maintaining power from the back, making it the perfect choice for fast doubles play.

Colour: Navy/Orange