Stanno Trolley Bag Large

Stanno Trolley Bag Large
Brand: Stanno
Color: Black
Size: MISC
99.38 GBP 132.5 GBP
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  •  This large travel bag has a volume of 99 cu ltr and is perfect for each trip.
  • With rolling wheels, adjustable handgrip and strong handles, the bag can be transported easily.
  • The travel bag has lots of large storage compartments, all with easy to use zippers.
  • This travel bag can also be used as a backpack, as it has a hidden carrying harness.
  • Very wide storage compartment with a double zipper, a double front compartment with a zipper, several inside compartments also with zippers, plus a smaller front compartment with zipper and an upper compartment with a zipper. 
  • Dimensions: 76 x 36 x 37 cm.