Pink Mixed Dried Flower Bouquet

Pink Mixed Dried Flower Bouquet
Brand: Atlas
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This beautiful dried flower bouquet contains a selection of pink   coloured flowers and comes wrapped in brown kraft paper. A dd this dried flower bouquet to a vase and it will bring a pop of colour to your home or workspace. Why not gift to someone special.

Please note, contents in bouquet will vary due to seasonal availability. Images are representative of the size and style of bouquet.


  • Each bunch is approximately 35cm in length.
  • Flowers within the bunch are seasonal so can vary slightly from the image.
  • Dried flowers are fragile and delicate so touch them as little as possible.
  • To prevent colour from fading avoid placing them in direct sunlight.
  • Don't worry if your flowers bend slightly that is what natural flowers do.
  • No water necessary.