All You Need To Know About Laserjet Printers

    Laserjet printers have come a long way since the first HP LaserJet was released as the first laserjet printer intended for mass-market sales in 1984. Since then, printers have grown in popularity and almost every household and office has access to at least one. But what is it about a laserjet printer that makes it an essential addition to any business or home office?

    When one thinks about quality precision electronics one of the first things that come to mind is laserjet printers. This is because no matter who you are if you use the internet to do work or communicate, your printer needs to be high-quality.

    Why Choose Laserjet Instead of Inkjet?

    The main reason people choose to buy an inkjet printer instead of a laserjet printer is that buying an Inkjet is usually a lot cheaper than buying a laserjet once-off. That being said, Inkjet printers can end up costing you more money in the long run.

    This is because the ink used in an inkjet printer is wet and will need to be replaced more often than a laserjet which makes it more expensive to maintain. Also, if you don't use your Inkjet printer often your ink will dry up.

    The Advantages of Using Laserjet Printers

    The reason so many people choose laserjet printers is because they come with countless advantages, and below you'll find just four of many!

    • Compared to other printers, laserjets print a lot faster.
    • It'll lower your operating costs because it's cheaper per print.
    • There's no loud noise when printing.
    • Their toners last longer than inkjet printers' ink which makes them better for mass printing.

    Tips For Laserjet Printers

    One of the most useful tips when it comes to laserjet printers is to always use the correct paper. By not using the recommended paper, it could cause frequent paper jams that could damage the printer's components, require more toner and negatively affect printing quality.

    Don't void the manufacturer's warranty by opening your printer incorrectly. Printers don't open the same way and where one opens on a latch, another may open on a hinge. If you end up trying to pry it open because you think the hinge is stuck when it actually opens with a latch, you could cause damage.