A Beginner's Coffee Grinder Guide

  • 12 Oct, 2021

Every coffee lover knows the importance of a good cup of coffee to start the day. However, you don't always want to rely on your favourite coffee shop just to drink coffee. That's why it would be a smart investment to have the best coffee grinder for your home. We have our recommendations here in our coffee grinder guide.

There are hundreds of options to choose from but we're here to make it simple to help you choose the most ideal ground coffee machine. Let's dive in on what to look for in a coffee grinder.

How Coffee Grinders Affect Your Coffee's Taste?

Most people think grinding coffee is as easy as getting a ground coffee gift set and simply grinding. However, the way you grind beans highly affects the taste of your coffee. First, it influences how coffee absorbs heat since it depends on how even the coffee beans are.

Second, the speed and static influence how heat is picked up by your coffee. Generally, the more static charge a coffee grinder has, the higher the speed. Lastly, whether your grounded coffee is fine or coarse will ultimately change the coffee's flavour and aroma.

Features Of Coffee Grinder Guide

Before buying a coffee grinder from our store, here are some important features to think about. This ensures you'll have a great tasting coffee experience.

  • Choose between high speed or low speed grinders
  • Choose a grinder style: dosing or non-dosing
  • Choose the right adjustment: stepped or stepless

Blade Or Burr Grinders?

The last and most important feature in this coffee grinder guide is all about the blades. Blade grinder makes use of a propeller-like grinder that chops the coffee beans into tiny bits. The longer you grind, the finer the beans are.

If you're using a burr grinder, it evenly crushes the coffee beans, ensuring equal bean sizes. You can choose between a conical or flat plate burr grinder which is cone-shaped or parallel-ringed grinders. Check out these features from our list of coffee grinders including Alpina coffee grinder, Bialetti ceramic coffee grinder, and Black & Decker coffee grinder.